Cicero and Dicaearchus

Auteur: McConnell, Sean
Titre: Cicero and Dicaearchus
Revue/Collection: in: B. Inwood (éd.), Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 42
Lieu èdition: Oxford-New York
Éditeur: Oxford University Press
Annèe edition: 2012
Pages: 307-349
Mots-clès: Philosophie - Filosofia - Philosophy, Politique - Politica - Politics, Sources - Fonti - Sources
Description: [Abstract] The parallels between Cicero and Dicaearchus are striking and recurrent. Given the connection suggested in epistula ad atticum 7.3, the numerous parallels, and Cicero's own admission in De legibus 3.14 and De divinatione 2.1 that Dicaearchus was a source, I conclude that Cicero's advocacy of the political life in De republica is heavily influenced by, if not directly derived from, Dicaearchus. This reinforces presently held suspicions and puts the matter, I think, beyond much doubt. But, perhaps more surprisingly, on the basis of our reconstruction it would now appear highly likely that Cicero‘s vision of the role of philosophy in Roman culture, showcased vividly in the preface to De republica, is also taken directly from Dicaearchus.
Sigle auteur: McConnell 2012