Barzizza’s Studies of Cicero

Autore: Pigman III, G. W.
Titolo: Barzizza’s Studies of Cicero
Rivista/Miscellanea: Humanities working papers, 55
Anno edizione: 1980
Pagine: 77
Parole chiave: Biographie - Biografia - Biography, Éloquence - Eloquenza - Eloquence, Héritage - Fortuna - Legacy, Rhétorique - Retorica - Rhetorics
Descrizione: Abstract - Before Barzizza’s claim to be the father of Ciceronianism can be fruitfully discussed we must know more about his own work with Cicero. This paper offers a first contribution to such a reexamination by calling attention to three little known works: 1) his commentary on figures of speech and thought from the Ad Herennium, 2) his 1420 lectures on the speeches, 3) his biography of Cicero. The paper also prunes Barzizza’s bibliography of several commentaries which he is recently supposed to have written and which under analysis prove to be ghosts. The main part of the paper discusses the life of Cicero (which is here edited for the first time), in particular its relation to its sources.
Sigla autore: Pigman III 1980