Cicero, On the Ideal Orator

Autore: May, James M. & Wisse, Jakob (ed.)
Titolo: Cicero, On the Ideal Orator
Luogo edizione: Oxford
Editore: Oxford University Press
Anno edizione: 2001
Pagine: 384
Parole chiave: Éditions - Edizioni - Editions, Traduction - Traduzione - Translation
Descrizione: [Abstract] In On the Ideal Orator (De oratore) Cicero, the greatest Roman orator and prose-writer of his day, gives his mature views on rhetoric, oratory, and philosophy. Cast in the lively, literary form of a dialogue, this classic work presents a daring view of the orator as the master of all language communication while still emphasizing his role at the heart of Roman society and politics. Cicero's conception of the ideal orator represents his own original synthesis of the positions of the philosophers and the rhetoricians in the age-old quarrel between these disciplines. The first translation of De oratore in over fifty years, this volume is ideal for courses on Cicero and on the history of rhetoric/oratory. James May and Jakob Wisse provide an accurate and accessible translation which is based on--and contributes to--recent advances in our understanding of De oratore and of the many aspects of ancient rhetoric, philosophy, and history relevant to it. Their translation reflects the many variations of Cicero's style, which are essential ingredients of the work. The volume includes extensive annotation, which is based on current scholarship and also offers significant original contributions. The book also incorporates a full introduction covering all important aspects of both the work and its historical background; appendices on Cicero's works, figures of thought and speech, and alternate manuscript readings; a glossary of terms from rhetoric and Roman life and politics; and a comprehensive index of names and places.
Sigla autore: May & Wisse 2001