Cicero’s Law. Rethinking Roman Law of the Late Republic

Autore: Du Plessis, Paul J., [Ed.]
Titolo: Cicero’s Law. Rethinking Roman Law of the Late Republic
Luogo edizione: Edinburgh
Editore: Edinburgh University Press
Anno edizione: 2016
Parole chiave: Droit - Diritto - Law, Éloquence - Eloquenza - Eloquence
Descrizione: Indice del volume: Paul J. Du Plessis, Introduction; Philip Thomas, A Barzunesque view of Cicero: from giant to dwarf and back; Olga Tellegen-Couperus and Jan Willem Tellegen, Reading a dead man’s mind: Hellenistic philosophy, rhetoric, and Roman law; Benedikt Forschner, Law’s nature: philosophy as a legal argument in Cicero’s writings; Yasmina Benferhat, Cicero and the small world of Roman jurists; Christine Lehne-Gstreinthaler, “Jurists in the shadows”: the everyday business of the jurists of Cicero’s time; Matthijs Wibier, Cicero’s reception in the juristic tradition of the early Empire; Jill Harries, Servius, Cicero and the res publica of Justinian; Saskia T. Roselaar, Cicero and the Italians: expansion of Empire, creation of law; Jennifer Hilder, Jurors, jurists and advocates: law in the Rhetorica ad Herennium and De Inventione; Michael C. Alexander, Multiple charges, unitary punishment, and rhetorical strategy in the quaestiones of the late Roman Republic; Catherine Steel, Early-career prosecutors: forensic activity and senatorial careers in the late Republic; Paul J. du Plessis, Postscript.
Sigla autore: Du Plessis 2016