La palabra monarquía y el alcance de su significación en el De Republica ciceroniano

Autore: Facciuto Kaed, Anabella
Titolo: La palabra monarquía y el alcance de su significación en el De Republica ciceroniano
Rivista/Miscellanea: Revista De Derecho Romano, 5
Pagine: 17-28
Parole chiave: Philosophie - Filosofia - Philosophy, Politique - Politica - Politics
Descrizione: = The word monarchy and the scope of its meaning Ciceronian De Republica,The objective of this paper is to reconstruct the meaning of the term monarchy in the light of Marcus Tullius Cicero's De Republica. Bearing in mind that this work was written in the period of the late Republican crisis, we first describe the characteristics of this historical context as a key to understanding the purpose that the Arpinate intended to achieve in writing his treatise. Secondly, books I and II of the work are examined, in which the author develops his ideas on monarchy as a pure form of government. Thirdly, special attention is paid to the chronology of the kings of Rome as a historical-methodological resource to which Cicero appeals as part of his argument in favor of monarchy. The analysis carried out throughout in this work allows us to demonstrate that in his work Cicero combines a purely theoretical preference for the monarchy with the radically anti-monarchical tradition of the people to which he belongs and in which he sincerely participates. Faced with the dangers of tyranny, whose greatest exponent is Tarquin the Proud, he recommends a mixed form of government, where the principles of the monarchy, aristocracy and democracy are harmonized. This mixed form of government - of which he has been a part - is in crisis and for this reason he tries to revalue it, with the hope that the restoration of the republic is still possible. [Author]Text in Spanish