Les secrets de la correspondance de Cicéron

Autore: Carcopino, Jérôme
Titolo: Les secrets de la correspondance de Cicéron
Luogo edizione: Paris
Editore: L’artisan du livre
Anno edizione: 1947
Pagine: I, 446 / II, 494
Parole chiave: Biographie - Biografia - Biography, Stylistique et genres littéraires - Stilistica e generi letterari - Stylistics and literary genre

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Descrizione: [Researchgate.net] [Comment] In 1947 J. Carcopino developed an innovative, and soon contested, hypothesis on the published letters of Cicero. The reception of the Secrets in Europe primarily praised the ingenuity and scholarship of the historian, without always accepting, however, the black picture that he painted of Cicero. A historiographic approach to these reactions allows us to understand the ideological conditions in which this black biography was conceived and received, which through Cicero in fact raises the question of the involvement of intellectuals and universities in the 20th century with the authorities. For the rest, the majority of the theories about Cicero held up in this book have today been abandoned, to the benefit of research that is more focused on the rhetorical and literary aspects of this correspondence.
Sigla autore: Carcopino 1947