Pompey in the contio

Autore: Blom, Henriett van der
Titolo: Pompey in the contio
Rivista/Miscellanea: "Classical Quarterly", 61
Luogo edizione: Cambridge
Editore: Cambridge University Press
Anno edizione: 2011
Pagine: 553-573
Parole chiave: Éloquence - Eloquenza - Eloquence, Histoire - Storia - History, Politique - Politica - Politics
Descrizione: [Comment] Cicero's praise (at Sest. 107) of Pompey's eloquence in the « contio » as impressive points to Pompey's oratorical performances. His speeches delivered in the senate, the courts, and the popular assemblies provide a means to understanding Pompey's political strategy and his career as a top politician. His speeches delivered in the contio, in particular, provide a coherent picture of a man consciously nurturing a relationship with the popular audience in order to build a political career for himself. Pompey's contional performances were characterized by his skill in self-praise, his exploitation of popular sentiments, and his knowledge of his dependence on the people's favor. When speaking, his expressions were often politically vague, from choice rather than lack of ability, and his career illustrates his preference for and mastering of a noncommittal tactic. Only when it was expedient or he was provoked did he express himself directly, sometimes harshly. Pompey advanced his career less through oratorical skills and more through his popularity with the people - stemming from his military achievements - and through his shrewd political talent for knowing when to speak and what to say, and, in particular, when not to speak and what not to say.
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Sigla autore: Blom 2011