Terentia, Tullia and Publia, The Women of Cicero’s Family

Autore: Treggiari, Susan
Titolo: Terentia, Tullia and Publia, The Women of Cicero’s Family
Rivista/Miscellanea: Women of the Ancient World
Luogo edizione: London & New York
Editore: Routledge
Anno edizione: 2007
Pagine: XVII, 228
Parole chiave: Bibliographie - Bibliografia - Bibliography, Prosopographie - Prosopografia - Prosopography

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Descrizione: [Publisher] [Abstract] Studying references and writings in over 900 personal letters, an unparalleled source, this book presents a rounded and intriguing account of the three women who, until now, have only survived as secondary figures to Cicero.  In a field where little is really known about Cicero’s family, Susan Treggiari creates a history for these figures who, through history, have not had voices of their own, and a vivid impression of the everyday life upper-class Roman women in Italy had during the heyday of Roman power.  Artfully assembling a rounded picture of their personalities and experiences, Treggiari reconstructs the lives of these three important women: Cicero’s first wife Terentia: a strong, tempestuous woman of status and fortune, with an implacable desire to retain control of both; his second wife Publilia: shadowy and mysterious, the young submissive who Cicero wedded to compensate for her predecessor’s steely resolve and fiery temper; his daughter Tullia. Including illustrations, chronological charts, maps and glossaries, this book is essential reading for students wishing to get better acquainted with the women of ancient Rome. [Table of contents] 1. The Rank Into Which They Were Born  2. The World Into Which They Were Born  3. Cicero: From Eques to Consul  4. Terentia: The Young Wife  5. Life of Mother and Daughter  6. Living Through Disaster  7. Restoration  8. Finding the Right Man  9. Public and Private Quarrels  10. Three Divorces, One Wedding and a Baby  11. Death and Survival  12. Conclusions
Sigla autore: Treggiari 2007