The New Academy’s appeals to the Presocratics

Autore: Brittain, Charles & Palmer, John Anderson
Titolo: The New Academy’s appeals to the Presocratics
Rivista/Miscellanea: "Phronesis", 46, 1
Luogo edizione: Williamsburg
Editore: Brill
Anno edizione: 2001
Pagine: 38-72
Parole chiave: Philosophie - Filosofia - Philosophy
Descrizione: [L'Année philologique] [Comment] Studies why the Academics were concerned with claiming the Presocratics as sceptical ancestors, and the precise manner in which they advanced this claim. Members of the New Academy presented their sceptical position as the culmination of a progressive development in the history of philosophy, which began when certain Presocratics started to reflect on the epistemic status of their theoretical claims concerning the natures of things. The Academics' dogmatic opponents accused them of misrepresenting the early philosophers in an illegitimate attempt to claim respectable precedents for their dangerous position. The ensuing debate over the extent to which some form of scepticism might properly be attributed to the Presocratics is reflected in various passages in Cicero's « Academica »
Sigla autore: Brittain and al. 2001