A Companion to the Political Culture of the Roman Republic

Author: Arena, Valentina, Prag, Jonathan & Andrew Stiles
Title: A Companion to the Political Culture of the Roman Republic
Place edition: Chicester
Editor: Wiley Blackwell
Year edition: 2022
Pages: 595
Keywords: Héritage - Fortuna - Legacy, Histoire - Storia - History
Description: Divided into six parts, the discussions consider the institutionalized loci, political actors, and values, rituals, and discourse that characterized Republican Rome. The Companion also offers several case studies and sections on the history of the interpretation of political life in the Roman Republic. Key features include: A thorough introduction to the Roman political world as seen through the wider lenses of Roman political culture; Comprehensive explorations of the fundamental components of Roman political culture, including ideas and values, civic and religious rituals, myths, and communicative strategies; Practical discussions of Roman Republic institutions, both with reference to their formal rules and prescriptions, and as patterns of social organization; In depth examinations of the 'afterlife' of the Roman Republic, both in ancient authors and in early modern and modern times [Editor]
Author initials: Arena & al. 2022