Information For The Donors

Please note that the tax cut voucher is only for people who pay income tax in France.

If you are not tax payer in France, you won’t have the benefit of tax cut for charitable works.

The voucher is necessarily written in French.

Our association has been recognized as “public interest association” by a letter from the General Directorate of Public Finance, Tax Services of Hauts-de-Seine North, dated 16. June 2008.

Your donation, whatever its amount, entitles a tax cut for charitable works.

Paying donation with Paypal, secured and well known payment system: don’t forget to enter your address.

Or you prefer pay by transfer: our bank references are:

RIB : 30002 00689 431482Z 51

IBAN : FR46 3000 2006 8900 0043 1482 Z51


Crédit Lyonnais Paris Pyramides

20, avenue de l’Opéra

75001 Paris

Whether you prefer pay by check, send it to: Société Internationale des Amis de Cicéron, 9 avenue Sainte Foy, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. Don’t forget to give your address.

For individuals

On the basis of Article 200 of the General Tax Code, your donations are eligible for a reduction of income tax equal to 66% of their amount, up to 20% of taxable income. You must be a taxpayer resident in France.

 If your gifts and payments in any given year exceed the 20% limit, the excess is successively postponed to subsequent years up to and including the fifth and subject to the same conditions.

For corporations

Under article 238 bis of the General Tax Code, your gifts and payments are eligible for a tax cut equal to 60% of their amount, taken as the limit of 5 per thousand of turnover.Voucher

The benefit of this tax reduction is subject to the condition that you join to your tax declaration a supporting document responding to a model set by decree and certifying the amount and timing of payments and our identity. This voucher, written in Fr ench, is issued by us after receipt of the donation. It is noted that the address of the donor must be complete.

  Notwithstanding these provisions, the benefit of the tax reduction will be granted if you transmit the statement of your income electronically, provided that are mentioned in the electronic declaration the identity of each recipient organization and th e total payments made to each of them under the tax year in income. For individuals as for businesses, the levels set by these articles cover all the donations you made over a year.