Addendum to ‘did cicero “proscribe” Marcus Antonius?’

Author: Ramsey, John T.
Title: Addendum to ‘did cicero “proscribe” Marcus Antonius?’
Review/Collection: "The Classical Quarterly", 71, 1
Editor: Cambridge University Press
Year edition: 2021
Pages: 452-454
Keywords: Histoire - Storia - History, Philologie - Filologia - Philology, Stylistique et genres littéraires - Stilistica e generi letterari - Stylistics and literary genre
Description: [Ramsey, John T.] [Abstract] This note adduces three passages in Seneca the Elder to reinforce a demonstration in CQ 69 (2019), 793–8001 that the text of Plin. HN 7.117 has suffered corruption in one of its clauses and requires emendation to restore Pliny’s intent. This additional evidence concerns a trope employed by declaimers which could have predisposed a scribe to alter Pliny’s text to state that Cicero proscribed Mark Antony. Such a statement has no place in a list of achievements that otherwise all belong to Cicero’s consulship twenty years earlier in 63 b.c.
Author initials: Ramsey 2021