At home with Cicero

Author: Hales, Shelley
Title: At home with Cicero
Review/Collection: "Greece and Rome", S2, 47, (1)
Year edition: 2000
Pages: 44-55
Keywords: Biographie - Biografia - Biography
Description: This paper is concerned with reassessing the importance of the destruction of the house of Cicero in the light of recent investigations into housing in the Roman world. In recent years, the quantity and quality of such investigations have intensified but Cicero's house remains somewhat unpopular – despite excavations on the Palatine slopes which have revealed more details of the houses occupied by Cicero and his Late Republican neighbours. The saga of Cicero and his house had not been dealt with for several decades until the presidential address of Susan Treggiari in the 1998 Transactions of the American Philological Association. Her paper, however, is not so much concerned with the actual relationship between private and public in the house of Cicero as Cicero's private and public attempts to come to terms with his grief over the death of his daughter Tullia.
Author initials: Hales 2000