Augustine, Epicurus, and external world skepticism

Author: Bolyard, Charles
Title: Augustine, Epicurus, and external world skepticism
Review/Collection: "Journal of the History of Philosophy", 44, 2
Place edition: Baltimora
Editor: Johns Hopkins University Press
Year edition: 2006
Pages: 157-168
Keywords: Philosophie - Filosofia - Philosophy, Sources - Fonti - Sources, Stylistique et genres littéraires - Stilistica e generi letterari - Stylistics and literary genre
Description: [L'Année philologique] [Comment] Augustine's « Contra Academicos » is opposed to the sort of « Epicurean » skepticism described by Cicero in the « De natura deorum » (1, 25, 69-1, 26, 74), and the account of it is far from the radical Pyrrhonian skepticism that many take to be the purest, most defensible sort of skepticism. Drawing upon his theory of illumination, Augustine provides the grounds for certainty for all human knowledge.
Author initials: Bolyard 2006