Cassius and Brutus. The memory of the liberators

Author: Rawson, Elizabeth
Title: Cassius and Brutus. The memory of the liberators
Review/Collection: in: Moxon I. S. & Smart J. D. & Woodman A. J. (ed.), Past perspectives. Studies in Greek and Roman historical writing. Papers presented at a conference in Leeds, 6-8 April 1983, IX, 241
Place edition: Cambridge
Editor: Cambridge Univ. Pr.
Year edition: 1986
Pages: 101-119
Keywords: Histoire - Storia - History, Politique - Politica - Politics, Prosopographie - Prosopografia - Prosopography, Sources - Fonti - Sources

Paterson, "Greece and Rome", XXXIII, 1986, 214 – Viviers, "L’antiquité classique", LVII, 1988, 515-516 – Grassl, "Anzeiger fuer die Altertumswissenschaft, hrsg. von der Oesterreichischen Humanistischen Gesellschaft", XLII, 1989, 75-78

Description: Although the dominant tradition on Brutus and Cassius in historical writing of the Late Republic through the 2nd cent A.D. is favorable, there are examples of a tradition opposing them. Survey of the tradition, culminating in Appian and Plutarch, with attention to Cicero's letters and contemporary documents. [APh]
Author initials: Rawson 1986