Cicero about luxury – Цицерон о роскоши

Author: Bragova, Arina Mikhailovna
Title: Cicero about luxury – Цицерон о роскоши
Review/Collection: Juvenis scientia, № 5.
Year edition: 2017
Pages: 40–41
Keywords: Biographie - Biografia - Biography, Philosophie - Filosofia - Philosophy
Description: The ar­tic­le is de­vo­ted to Ci­ce­ro’s in­terpre­ta­tion of lu­xu­ry. The usa­ge of the con­cep­tion of ‘lu­xu­ries’/ ‘lu­xu­ria’ in Ci­ce­ro’s wri­tings is ana­ly­zed. It can be conclu­ded that Ci­ce­ro uses the con­cep­tion in a ne­ga­ti­ve way and pairs it with the terms ‘ava­ri­tia’, ‘li­bi­do’, ‘de­si­dia’, ‘li­cen­tia’, ‘ne­qui­tia’, ‘vi­tium’ and so­me ot­hers. We no­ti­ced a discre­pan­cy between Ci­ce­ro’s ne­ga­ti­ve at­ti­tu­de to lu­xu­ry in theo­ry and his po­si­ti­ve one in prac­ti­ce (he had so­me lu­xu­rio­us vil­las). This can be explai­ned in terms of the Ro­man men­ta­li­ty: a pri­va­te in­di­vi­dual was not al­lowed to ‘ba­the’ in lu­xu­ry whe­reas a sta­te per­son (Ci­ce­ro was such) could ha­ve rep­re­sen­ta­ti­ve hou­sing for main­tai­ning his so­cial sta­tus. [Author]. Text in russian[Russian bibliography]
Author initials: Bragova 2017h