Cicero and Roman Religion

Author: Beltrão Da Rosa, Claudia & Santangelo, Federico (eds.)
Title: Cicero and Roman Religion
Place edition: Stuttgart
Editor: Franz Steiner Verlag
Year edition: 2020
Pages: 154
Keywords: Droit - Diritto - Law, Éloquence - Eloquenza - Eloquence, Histoire - Storia - History, Philosophie - Filosofia - Philosophy, Politique - Politica - Politics, Religion - Religione - Religion

Stefano Rozzi, "Ciceroniana On Line" IV, 2, 2020, 547-553

Description: ISBN 978-3-515-12643-4, €39   [Index]   Acknowledgement, p. 7   Introduction – Claudia Beltrão da Rosa, Federico Santangelo, p. 9   Cicero, the Augures, and the Commonwealth in De Legibus – Valentina Arena, p. 23   The God and the Consul in Cicero’s Third Catilinarian – Claudia Beltrão da Rosa, p. 45   The Ontophanies of Diana in Segesta (Cicero, Verrines 2.4.72-82) – Patricia Horvat, Alexandre Carneiro C. Lima, p. 59   A Reading of Cicero’s De Haruspicum Responso. Some Reflections on Roman Identity – Marìa Emilia Cairo, p. 73   Epicurean pietas and Political Action in Lucretius and Cicero – Maria Eichler, p. 87   Cicero on Divine and Human Foresight – Federico Santangelo, p. 105   Foreign Gods in the Age of Cicero – Greg Woolf, p. 117   Editing Ciceronian Religion in the Enlightenment – Catherine A. East, p. 135   General Index, p. 147   Index Locorum, p. 151
Author initials: Da Rosa-Santangelo 2020