*Cicero, Marcus Tullius. Opera omnia

Author: Manuwald, Gesine & Scheidegger Lämmle, Cédric
Title: *Cicero, Marcus Tullius. Opera omnia
Place edition: Basel
Editor: Schwabe Verlag
Year edition: 1528
Pages: 282 & 480
Keywords: Éditions - Edizioni - Editions
Description: This publication offers a complete reproduction of Andreas Cratander’s monumental edition of the complete works of Cicero (Basel 1528), which marked a high point of Humanist book printing in Basel. The high-quality reprint of the two volumes allows the reader to experience historic book culture first-hand. An introductory essay offers literary and historical background information on Cicero and Cratander, situates Cratander’s edition in the history of Ciceronian editions and explains the distinctive features of the reproduced copy from the University Library in Basel. [Editor]
Author initials: Cratander 1528