Cicero: on Academic Scepticism

Author: Brittain, Charles (Trans.)
Title: Cicero: on Academic Scepticism
Place edition: Indianapolis
Editor: Hackett
Year edition: 2006
Pages: 161
Keywords: Éditions - Edizioni - Editions, Traduction - Traduzione - Translation

Diego E. Machuca, Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2006.11.07

Description: [Abstract from Machuca 2006] Brittain also provides a helpful up-to-date Select Topical Bibliography (pp. xlvi-liii), a very detailed Analytical Table of Contents (pp. liv-lviii), a Textual Appendix in which the significant departures from Plasberg’s Teubner edition are listed (pp. 113-115), a thorough Glossary of Names (pp. 116-137), a most useful Select English-Latin-Greek Glossary (pp. 138-142), and an Index (pp. 143-161).
Author initials: Brittain 2006