Ciceronian Invective

Author: Corbeill, Anthony
Title: Ciceronian Invective
Review/Collection: in : Brill´s companion to Cicero : oratory and rhetoric / edited by James M. May, Brill, 2002
Place edition: Leiden ; Boston; Köln
Editor: Brill
Year edition: 2002
Pages: 197-218
Keywords: Éloquence - Eloquenza - Eloquence, Histoire - Storia - History, Rhétorique - Retorica - Rhetorics
Description: As a Roman using words to defend a client, attack an enemy, or shape state policy, Cicero is concerned with promoting his own public persona (ethos), and with identifying that persona with the needs and desires of the community. It is notable that the orator employs his most angry invective at those key points in his career at which he needs to shape new aspects of his public identity: as a righteous young prosecutor (Against Verres), as an elected head of state (Against Catiline; On the Agrarian Law), as a former exile reestablishing author- ity (Against Vatinius; Against Piso ), and as an elder statesman exercis ing that authority for the last time (Philippics ). Although Cicero tended to act in defense of clients in the majority of his extant speeches, invective nevertheless punctuates his corpus at crucial moments as a way of establishing credibility in opposition to his opponents and their supporters.
Author initials: Corbeill 2002 b