Cicero’s paradoxa stoicorum. Text and philological commentary

Auteur: Galli, Daniela
Titre: Cicero’s paradoxa stoicorum. Text and philological commentary
Éditeur: Carocci
Annèe edition: 2019
Pages: 336
Mots-clès: Commentaires - Commenti - Commentaries, Philologie - Filologia - Philology, Philosophie - Filosofia - Philosophy
Comptes rendus:

Stefano Maso, Lexis, 38,1, 2020

Description: The volume offers the Latin text and a detailed philological commentary of Cicero’s Paradoxa Stoicorum, one of the less investigated treatises among Ciceronian philosophical writings discussing six paradoxical statements from the Stoics. Aim of the volume is the explanation and interpretation of the text as well as the description of Cicero’s style with a rich investigation of his usus scribendi. A special feature of the commentary is the mixture of philosophical and philological comments: the notes explore both the philosophical background necessary for understanding Cicero’s discussion of the Stoic paradoxes and the literary aspects of Cicero’s linguistic choices, paying attention to syntax, language and style. [Editor]
Sigle auteur: Galli 2019