Cicero’s Philippics: History, rhetoric and ideology

Author: Stevenson,Tom & Wilson, Marcus (Eds.)
Title: Cicero’s Philippics: History, rhetoric and ideology
Editor: Polygraphia, coll. « Prudentia »
Year edition: 2008
Pages: 374
Keywords: Éloquence - Eloquenza - Eloquence, Histoire - Storia - History, Politique - Politica - Politics

John Henderson, BMCR 2010.03.16 (Link) ; Tahin, G., 2010, The Journal of Roman Studies, 100, 281-283 ; Krešimir Matijević, Gymnasium 117, 2010 (Link) ; Stelow, A., Religious Studies Review, 2011, 37, 52-52.

Description: This volume collects papers by a series of specialists in the field of Ciceronian studies who have set out to reconsider the historical impact of the Philippic speeches and their later significance in Roman culture. TOC : 1 Tom Stevenson & Marcus Wilson, Cicero’s Philippics: History, Rhetoric and Ideology, 1-21 2 Douglas Kelly, Publishing the Philippics, 44-43 BC, 22-38 3 Gesine Manuwald, Cicero Versus Antonius: On the Structure and Construction of the Philippic Collection, 39-61 4 Richard Evans, Phantoms in the Philippics: Catiline, Clodius and Antonian Parallels, 62-81 5 Martin Drum, Cicero’s Tenth and Eleventh Philippics: The Republican Advance in the East, 82-94 6 Tom Stevenson, Tyrants, Kings and Fathers in the Philippics, 95-113 7 Natalie Angel, Clementia and Beneficium in the Second Philippic, 114-30 8 Roger A. Pitcher, The Second Philippic as a Source of Aristocratic Values, 131-39 9 Eleanor Cowan, Libertas in the Philippics, 140-52 10 Emily Christian, A Philosophy of Legitimacy in Cicero’s Philippics, 153-67 11 Julian Larsen, Cicero, Antony and the Senatus Consultum Ultimum in the Second Philippic, 168-80 12 Kathryn Welch, Nimium felix: Caesar’s Felicitas and Cicero’s Philippics, 181-213 13 A.M. Stone, Greek Ethics and Roman Statesmen: De Officiis and the Philippics, 214-39 14 Anthony Corbeill, O Singulare Prodigium: Ciceronian Invective as a Religious Expiation, 240-54 15 Catherine Steel, Finessing Failure: the Sixth Philippic, 255-65 16 Tia Dawes, The Encomium of Brutus in Philippic Ten, 266-81 17 Jon Hall, The Rhetorical Design and the Success of the Twelfth Philippic, 282-304 (déjà fait) 18 Marcus Wilson, Your Writings or Your Life: Cicero’s Philippics and Declamation, 305-34
Author initials: Stevenson & Wilson 2008a