Clodius the ” pulcher ” in Catullus and Cicero

Author: Butrica, James Lawrence Peter
Title: Clodius the ” pulcher ” in Catullus and Cicero
Review/Collection: "Classical Quarterly", NS 52, 2
Place edition: Cambridge
Editor: Cambridge University Press
Year edition: 2002
Pages: 507-516
Keywords: Politique - Politica - Politics, Prosopographie - Prosopografia - Prosopography
Description: [L'Annèe philologique] [Comment] Catullus 79 has nothing to do with rumors of incest or even with oral sex per se ; instead, it attacks P. Clodius Pulcher by punning on his cognomen to suggest that all who know him regard him as an « exoletus » and therefore shun him, while it also implicitly criticizes Lesbia for preferring this « exoletus » over Catullus. Cicero's lost speech against Clodius denouncing his infiltration of the rites of the Bona Dea also probably had as its main theme an attack on Clodius as an « exoletus ».
Author initials: Butrica 2002