Fabam mimum

Auteur: Watt, William Smith
Titre: Fabam mimum
Revue/Collection: "Hermes", LXXXIII
Annèe edition: 1955
Pages: 496-500
Mots-clès: Philologie - Filologia - Philology
Description: Incipit : In June or July 6i B. C. Cicero wrote to Atticus a long letter (I 16) about the acquittal of Clodius and the consequent political situation at Rome. Towards the end of this letter (§§ I2-I3) he deals with the consular elections which were about to take place, and describes the scandalous bribery which was being used by Pompey (aided by the consul Piso) to secure the election of his own faithful staff-officer L. Afranius; he concludes this topic with the words: « Sed heus tu, videsne consulatum illum nostrum, quem Curio antea apotheosin vocabat, si hic factus erit, fabam mimum futurum? ». Suit une étude de "fabam mimum" et de "consulatum illum nostrum". [PhR]
Sigle auteur: Watt 1955