Invectiva in Ciceronem 4, 7

Author: Annibaldis, Giacomo
Title: Invectiva in Ciceronem 4, 7
Review/Collection: Prometheus, Vol. 3 No. 3 (1977): III - 1977, fascicolo 3
Year edition: 1977
Pages: 221-224
Keywords: Chronologie des oeuvres - Cronologia degli scritti - Works chronology, Éloquence - Eloquenza - Eloquence, Philologie - Filologia - Philology
Description: This paper defends the date of the anonymous Invectiva in Ciceronem (Ps. Sallustius) as proposed by Reitzenstein in 1898: i.e. the year 54 B.C. The objections against this date are discussed and refuted. The Invectiva should be connected with the trial against Vatinius, in which Cicero was compelled by the circumstances to blame his ancient friend Bibulus, and to praise Caesar.
Author initials: Annibaldis 1977