M. Tullius Cicero Peri Nomon, vivlia tria

Author: Deligiannis, Ioannis, [Ed. et Trans.]
Title: M. Tullius Cicero Peri Nomon, vivlia tria
Place edition: Athens
Editor: Kardamitsa
Year edition: 2017
Pages: 576
Keywords: Philosophie - Filosofia - Philosophy, Traduction - Traduzione - Translation
Description: [Abstract] The book is the first edition of Cicero’s De legibus fully translated and commented in Modern Greek. The need to cover a significant gap in the Greek book production on one of the leading Roman authors, which for years was partially covered by editions in foreign languages and general studies with limited references and access to the original text itself, has now been met. Every effort has been made to produce a modern scholarly edition and commentary that will meet the university teaching needs as well as those of modern readers of a text, the content of which is always topical. It provides a text as accurate as possible, based on the most recent critical editions and modified where necessary, as well as a translation that was tried to keep up with the original Latin in terminology, style and structure. The introduction deals with all those aspects necessary for the historical/political understanding and the intellectual/cultural appreciation of the text: the conditions under which the dialogue was composed, its approximate date, aspects of its style, structure, content, language and characters, its sources and originality, relations with the Greek political philosophy and literature, especially Plato’s, and the direct and indirect tradition of the text. The commentary, which was meant to be as comprehensive as possible in order to meet the aforementioned needs, covers a variety of issues on textual criticism, style and narrative techniques, language and content.  
Author initials: Deligiannis 2017