Memmius the Epicurean

Author: Morgan, Llewelyn & Barnaby Taylor
Title: Memmius the Epicurean
Review/Collection: Classical Quarterly 67, no 2
Year edition: 2017
Pages: 528–541
Keywords: Philosophie - Filosofia - Philosophy, Prosopographie - Prosopografia - Prosopography
Description: In Fam.13.1 Cicero, visiting Athens en route to Cilicia in the summer of 51b.c., writes to C. Memmius L.f., praetor in 58 but by the time of Cicero's communication an exile in Athens after the shambolic consular elections for 53; Memmius was (temporarily, one assumes) absent from Athens in Mytilene, hence the need for Cicero to write to him. This letter, along with Att.5.11.6 and 19.3, is our focus in the argument that follows, but, to summarize the situation in the very broadest terms, Cicero's concern in it is with Memmius’ intentions regarding a plot of land in Athens occupied by a house of Epicurus, and with the objections to Memmius’ plans that had been raised with Cicero by the scholarch of the Epicurean community in Athens, Patro. [Author]
Author initials: Morgan & Barnaby 2017