Messalla Corvinus : Augustan Orator, Ciceronian Statesman

Auteur: Kenty, Joanna
Titre: Messalla Corvinus : Augustan Orator, Ciceronian Statesman
Revue/Collection: Rhetorica 35, no 4
Annèe edition: 2017
Pages: 445–474
Mots-clès: Éloquence - Eloquenza - Eloquence, Héritage - Fortuna - Legacy
Description: Messalla Corvinus, celebrated as one of the greatest orators of the generation after Cicero, offers an ideal case study for political life in the triumviral period and early principate. His distinctive style is reminiscent of what Cicero described as the middle style, exemplified by Marcus Calidius and Cicero's Pro Lege Manilia and Pro Marcello. This style complemented his mild, accomodationist political persona, evident especially in his support of Augustus and his rejection of the office of urban prefect, in a synergistic fusion of style and ethos. [Author]
Sigle auteur: Kenty 2017