Portraying Cicero in Literature, Culture, and Politics. From Ancient to Modern Times

Autore: Berno, Francesca Romana & La Bua, Giuseppe [Edd.]
Titolo: Portraying Cicero in Literature, Culture, and Politics. From Ancient to Modern Times
Rivista/Miscellanea: Cicero, 4
Luogo edizione: Berlin
Editore: De Gruyter
Anno edizione: 2022
Pagine: 483
Parole chiave: Héritage - Fortuna - Legacy, Stylistique et genres littéraires - Stilistica e generi letterari - Stylistics and literary genre
Descrizione: [Berno, Francesca Romana & La Bua, Giuseppe] [Abstract] Cicero has played a pivotal role in shaping Western culture. His public persona, his self-portrait as model of Roman prose, philosopher, and statesman, has exerted a durable and profound impact on the educational system and the formation of the ruling class over the centuries. Joining up with recent studies on the reception of Cicero, this volume approaches the figure of Cicero from a ‘biographical’, more than ‘philological’, perspective and considers the multiple ways by which different ages reacted to Cicero and created their ‘Ciceros’. From Cicero’s lifetime to our times, it focuses on how the image of Cicero was revisited and reworked by intellectuals and men of culture, who eulogized his outstanding oratorical and political virtues but, not rarely, questioned the role he had in Roman politics and society. An international group of scholars elaborates on the figure of Cicero, shedding fresh light on his reception in late antiquity, Humanism and Renaissance, Enlightenment and modern centuries. Historians, literary scholars and philosophers, as well as graduate students, will certainly profit from this volume, which contributes enormously to our understanding of the influence of Cicero on Western culture over the times. Introduction, XI – “Cicero Portraying Cicero”, Robert A. Kaster, 1 – “Mihi cane et populo: Cicerone e l’autorappresentazione del successo oratorio. La questione del consenso popolare (Cic. Brut. 183–200)”, Alfredo Casamento, 13 – “A Ciceronian exemplum: Cicero’s Self-Portrait as Provincial Governor through his Letters”, Alejandro Díaz Fernández, 33 – “Cicerone esule: dall’autorappresentazione all’esemplarità letteraria (da Livio a Petrarca e Ortensio Lando)”, Rita Degl’Innocenti Pierini, 61 – “The Difficult Defense of Cicero’s Goodness in Institutio oratoria 12.1”, Rosalie Stoner, 83 – “Homo novus and nobilis: Cicero and the formation of the ‘modern’ aristocracy”, Giuseppe La Bua, 103 – “Cicero at the Symposium XII Sapientum”, Thomas J. Keeline, 119 – “Iconografía de Cicerón en manuscritos: Un testimonio de Recepción clásica”, Cristina Martín Puente, 143 – “Il «santissimo» Cicerone. La Quaestura di Sebastiano Corradi (1555) nella tradizione biografica sull’Arpinate”, Fabio Gatti, 169 – “Tully the Naïve: John Adams on Cicero”, Joanna Kenty, 195 – “Law & Orator: Depicting Cicero through Modern Mystery Fiction”, Kathryn H. Stutz, 211 – “The reception of Cicero’s speeches in the early empire”, Catherine E. W. Steel, 233 – “Quintilian on Cicero’s Deliberative Oratory”, Henriette van der Blom, 247 – “Quousque tandem: The Reception of a Catchphrase”, Andrew J. Sillett, 267 – “Da iocosus a consularis scurra. Rappresentazioni del Cicerone umorista”, Barbara Del Giovane, 283 – “Reperforming Cicero’s Voice: Constructions and Negotiations of his vox publica”, Leanne Jansen, Christoph Pieper and Bram van der Velden, 313 – “Montesquieu on Cicero. Historiographical, political, and philosophical dimensions of a modern portrait”, Igor Moraes Santos, 341 – “Cicero in the Shadow of the Bastille”, Francesca Romana Berno, 369 – “Cicéron face aux dictateurs”, 1920–1945, Philippe Rousselot, 391 – Bibliography, 429.
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