Preface to Translation of Montesquieu’s Discourse on Cicero

Author: Fott, David
Title: Preface to Translation of Montesquieu’s Discourse on Cicero
Review/Collection: "Political Theory", 30 (October 2002)
Year edition: 2002
Pages: 728-732
Keywords: Héritage - Fortuna - Legacy, Philosophie - Filosofia - Philosophy
Description: With translation, "Montesquieu’s Discourse on Cicero, Ibid., pp. 733-737. [Abstract] Montesquieu’s ?Discourse on Cicero,? written when he was a young man, lauds Cicero for his republicanism?that is, his defense of liberty in the Roman republic. Montesquieu also praises Cicero as an original philosopher, giving particular mention to On the Nature of the Gods and On Divination. He admires Cicero’s ability to attract people to virtue without preaching to them. He differs from Cicero in writing more favorably of advantage (utile) than he does of honorableness (honestum). He says that Cicero was more successful in criticizing others’ faults than in discovering truths, but perhaps he underestimates Cicero’s ability to communicate philosophic insight to his readers. Main works of Cicero mentioned: Tusc., Nat. D., Div., Off.
Author initials: Fott 2002