Reflections on Livy and Cicero’s de Domo Sua

Auteur: Thomas, David F.C.
Titre: Reflections on Livy and Cicero’s de Domo Sua
Revue/Collection: In : Welch, Kathryn & Hillard, T.W. (Ed.), Roman Crossings: Theory and practice in the Roman Republic, Classical Press of Wales, 2005, 344 p.
Annèe edition: 2005
Pages: 119-140
Mots-clès: Politique - Politica - Politics, Religion - Religione - Religion
Description: Thomas lays out the independent functional sphere of the pontifical college. Its decisions could not be countermanded; the senate had to take cognizance. Yet the pontifices could not execute their decisions. They were not a part of the civil structure – not a senatorial ‘sub-committee’. And the college could be confrontational. Imperium and magisterial potestas might yield to religio – and the pronouncements of the pontifical college. It is important to recognize this separation of pontifical and senatorial authority. Thomas’ contribution meets Beard’s call for the more precise location of priestly functions within the religious system, while challenging her assertion that the role of the pontifices was essentially advisory (in relationship to the senate). [Welch & Hillard 2005, 17]
Sigle auteur: Thomas 2005