Repetition and unity in a civil law speech : the ” pro Caecina “

Author: Fotheringham, Lynn S.
Title: Repetition and unity in a civil law speech : the ” pro Caecina “
Review/Collection: in: Cicero the advocate / ed. by Jonathan G. F. Powell and Jeremy Paterson, X, 448
Place edition: Oxford & New York
Editor: Oxford University Pr.
Year edition: 2004
Pages: 253-276
Keywords: Droit - Diritto - Law, Éloquence - Eloquenza - Eloquence

Corbeill, “American Journal of Philology”, 2006, 127, (1), 144-149 – May, “Classical Review”, 2006, NS, 56, (1), 98-100

Description: This chapter examines the Pro Caecina in an attempt to analyse the relationship between Cicero's forensic speech and the complicated civil lawsuit to which it was tailored. A key to the analysis is found in the structure of the speech, investigated through the repetitions of words and themes which unify the many arguments employed. An approach centred on the structure of the speech forces a close engagement with the text. Earlier structural analyses provide a starting point, and insights from rhetorical theory and discourse analysis may be applied. Cicero's selection and ordering of material provide clues to his strategy, which must be deciphered before the text can be safely used as evidence for either the background of the case itself or the socio-legal context. Cicero's speech, despite its bewildering number of arguments, is a unity, and an excellent example of the advocate at civil law. [Author]  [Powell & Paterson 2004]
Author initials: Fotheringham 2004