Representations: images of the world in Ciceronian oratory

Auteur: Vasaly, Ann
Titre: Representations: images of the world in Ciceronian oratory
Éditeur: University of California Pres
Annèe edition: 1993
Pages: xii, 301
Mots-clès: Éloquence - Eloquenza - Eloquence
Comptes rendus:

Berry, "Journal of Roman Studies" 86, 1996, 201-207 – Craig, "Rhetorica" 12, 1994, 455-456 – Dyck, "Bryn Mawr Classical Review" 5, 1994, 67-74 – Goodwin, "Rhetorik" 16, 1997, 103-105 – Mamoojee, "Echos du monde classique" 39 (3), 1995, 428-432 – Siani-Davies, "Classical Review" 45 (1), 1995, 37-39 

Description: [Abstract]�Ann Vasaly introduces representation theory into the study of Ciceronian persuasion and contends that an understanding of milieu - social, political, topographical - is crucial to understanding Ciceronian oratory. As a genre uniquely dependent on an immediate interaction between author and audience, ancient oratory becomes performance art.Vasaly investigates the way Cicero represented the contemporary physical world - places, topography, and monuments, both those seen and those merely mentioned - to his listeners and demonstrates how he used these representations to persuade. Her exceptionally well-written study deftly recaptures the immediacy of Cicero’s oratory and makes a trenchant contribution to an important new area of inquiry in Classical Studies.
Sigle auteur: Vasaly 1993