Restraint and Emotion in Cicero’s De Oratore

Author: Fjelstad, Per
Title: Restraint and Emotion in Cicero’s De Oratore
Review/Collection: Philosophy and Rhetoric 36.1
Year edition: 2003
Pages: 39-47
Keywords: Philologie - Filologia - Philology, Rhétorique - Retorica - Rhetorics
Description: Per Fjelstad, in his article “Restraint and Emotion in Cicero’s De Oratore” (2003) contends that the conflicting theories of the emotional display of the orator presented in Cicero’s De Oratore suggest possibilities suitable for appropriate contexts rather than act as limitations or present challenge’s to each other’s validity. Fjelstad develops this idea through a close reading of the text in which he examines the movements, organization, and rhetorical devices, but most elaborately the contexts, in which each theory is presented and established, as well as the interpretations of other classical scholars regarding the relationship between the theories, most notably Augustine, showing that different situations called for different displays of emotion. His purpose is to illustrate a larger theory of rhetoric as a philosophical art and ground this overarching theory in a pillar of rhetorical understandings: the teachings and works of Cicero. Fjelstad maintains a scholarly approach, tone, and method, assuming background knowledge as well as familiarity with the principles of rhetoric as well as with the works of Cicero [Anderss9]
Author initials: Fjelstad 2003