Roman Eloquence: the Roman Suada

Author: Dominik, William J. (ed.)
Title: Roman Eloquence: the Roman Suada
Editor: Routledge
Year edition: 1997
Pages: 288
Keywords: Éloquence - Eloquenza - Eloquence
Description: [Abstract] Rhetoric is once again becoming valued as an essential element in the exploration of the ancient world. This volume is part of a general renaissance in the study of rhetoric and draws together established and newer scholars in the field to produce a probing and innovative analysis of the role played by rhetoric in Roman culture. Utilizing a variety of critical approaches and methodologies, the contributors examine not only the role of rhetoric in Roman society but also the relationship between rhetoric and Rome's major literary genres. "Roman" "Eloquence" emphasizes the theory and practice of rhetoric in a variety of social, political and literary contexts, and reveals the important role played by rhetoric in the formation of the various genres of literatures. Note : John T. Kirby Ciceronian rhetoric : theory and practice /
Author initials: Dominik 1997