Skeptic cum Augur. Was Cicero a Skeptical Fideist?

Autore: Ribeiro, Brian
Titolo: Skeptic cum Augur. Was Cicero a Skeptical Fideist?
Rivista/Miscellanea: Ancient Philosophy, Volume 43, Issue 2, Fall 2023
Anno edizione: 2023
Pagine: 503-515
Parole chiave: Philosophie - Filosofia - Philosophy, Religion - Religione - Religion
Descrizione: In section 1 I present a case for understanding Cicero as a radical Academic skeptic, based on evidence from the Academica. In section 2 I offer an explanation of the concept of skeptical fideism and present a way to taxonomize various versions of the view. The material in sections 1 and 2 positions us to ask, was Cicero, the Academic augur, a sincere orthopraxic skeptical fideist? In section 3 I attempt to answer that question, beginning with an examination of De divinatione. Reading that work in a skeptical light, as I do, we are led to an impasse on our central question. However, in section 4 I consider two lines of argument that might enable us to determine Cicero’s own views. [Author]
Sigla autore: Ribeiro 2023