Tale of Aristomenes: declamation in a Platonic mode

Auteur: Smith, Warren S. & Woods, J. Baynard
Titre: Tale of Aristomenes: declamation in a Platonic mode
Revue/Collection: "Ancient narrative", 2
Lieu èdition: Eelde
Éditeur: Barkhuis Publishing
Annèe edition: 2003
Pages: 172-193
Mots-clès: Héritage - Fortuna - Legacy, Philosophie - Filosofia - Philosophy, Sources - Fonti - Sources
Description: [Smith, Warren S. & Woods, J. Baynard]   [Abstract] This paper suggests sources for Apuleius' Tale of Aristomenes. The many legal references in the tale are consistent with its close resemblance to plots outlined by Cicero in De Inventione and De Divinatione; in both plots one of two travelers is murdered in an inn. This plot is then embellished by a story of two murderous witches, as found in Greek folktale, who in Apuleius' version murderously attack the two travellers. The story is further enriched by the addition of Platonic touches starting with the portrait of "Socrates" whose character both mirrors and contrasts with the famous Athenian philosopher.
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Sigle auteur: Smith & Woods 2003