Terence and the Roman rhetorical use of the Andria

Author: Anderson, William S.
Title: Terence and the Roman rhetorical use of the Andria
Review/Collection: "Leeds International Classical Studies", 3, 2
Year edition: 2004
Pages: 1-9
Keywords: Rhétorique - Retorica - Rhetorics
Description: [Abstract] Roman rhetoricians, represented for us by Cicero and the cumulative material behind Donatus’ Commentary on the comedies, treated Terence as a model for training speakers. This paper, focusing on Terence’s first play, the Andria, reviews the rhetorical approach to the initial narratio of that comedy, then works beyond the limitations of the rhetorical comments to interpret the dramatic accomplishment of Terence: the creation of a special persona in the narrating father Simo, who loses the sympathy of the audience by his evident failures as a father.
Link: http://lics.leeds.ac.uk/200304/20030402.pdf
Author initials: Anderson 2004