The Afterlife of Cicero

Author: Manuwald, Gesine, [Ed.]
Title: The Afterlife of Cicero
Place edition: London
Editor: Institute of Classical Studies
Year edition: 2016
Keywords: Héritage - Fortuna - Legacy
Description: Indice dei contenuti: Catherine M. Keen, A Florentine Tullio: dual authorship and the politics of translation in Brunetto Latini’s Rettorica (1-16); Laura Refe, Petrarch and the reading of Cicero’s De natura deorum in the ms. 552-2 of the Médiathèque du Grand Troyes (17-29); Carole Mabboux, Cicero as a communal civic model: Italian communes of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries (30-45); Virginia Cox, Cicero at court: Martino Filetico’s Iocundissimae disputationes (46-66); Martin McLaughlin, Renascens ad superos Cicero: Ciceronian and anti-Ciceronian styles in the Italian Renaissance (67-81); L.B.T. Houghton, Visibile parlare? Picturing Cicero in the Italian Renaissance (82-103); David Marsh, Cicero’s Caesarian orations in early modern Europe (104-120); Andrew Laird, Orator, sage, and patriot: Cicero in colonial Latin America (121-143); Matthew Fox, Cicero and historicism: controversies in Cicero’s reception in the eighteenth century (144-161); Katherine East, How to read Ciceronian Scepticism: Anthony Collins, Richard Bentley, and the Freethought debate in 1713 (162-176); Nina L. Dubin, The Catiline conspiracy and the credibility of letters in French Revolutionary art (177-198); Lynn Fotheringham, Framing Cicero’s Lives: production values and paratext in nineteenth-century biographies (199-216).
Author initials: Manuwald 2016