The date of Cicero’s “Pro Archia”

Author: Bellemore, Jane
Title: The date of Cicero’s “Pro Archia”
Review/Collection: "Antichthon", 36
Place edition: Sydney
Editor: Australasian Society for Classical Studies
Year edition: 2002
Pages: 41-53
Keywords: Chronologie des oeuvres - Cronologia degli scritti - Works chronology
Description: [L'Année philologique] [Comment] The Bobiensian scholiast says that Cicero's « Pro Archia » was delivered in a court presided over by his brother Quintus as praetor, who held this office in 62 B.C. (Bob. p. 174). If we ignore this unreliable statement and consider cumulative references in the speech to events in 61 and 58 B.C. and later, we should conclude that the speech dates from Cicero's post-exile period, delivered perhaps in June of 56 B.C.
Author initials: Bellemore 2002