The Descendants of Petrarch’s Pro Archia

Author: De Keyser, Jeroen
Title: The Descendants of Petrarch’s Pro Archia
Review/Collection: Classical Quarterly, 63.1
Year edition: 2013
Pages: 292-328
Keywords: Philologie - Filologia - Philology
Description: Abstract - Editors of Cicero’s Pro Archia have assumed that Petrarch’s lost transcription of the equally lost Liège manuscript that he discovered in 1333 survives in an almost unaltered version in a single Florentine manuscript, while the remaining 265 Itali reflect another stage of the text, when conjectural corrections by its learned discoverer were introduced into the text. This article proposes a reassessment of that dichotomy, based on a first comprehensive study of the whole transmission.
Author initials: De Keyser 2013b