The Genre of Cicero’s De consulatu suo

Auteur: Volk, Katharina
Titre: The Genre of Cicero’s De consulatu suo
Revue/Collection: Generic Interfaces in Latin Literature: Encounters, Interactions and Transformations, ed. by T. D. Papanghelis, S. J. Harrison, and S. Frangoulidis.
Lieu èdition: Berlin
Éditeur: de Gruyter
Annèe edition: 2013
Pages: 93-112
Mots-clès: Poesia - Poesie - Poetry, Stylistique et genres littéraires - Stilistica e generi letterari - Stylistics and literary genre
Description: [Abstract] This paper argues that Cicero’s much-maligned poem about his consulship was a highly original work that challenged the boundaries of the epic genre. Incorporating elements of political autobiography and didactic poetry and raising interesting questions about poetic voice and persona, the poem presents a rime example of Kreuzung der Gattungen. The poet-protagonist’s privileging of civic over military achievements is a bold move in terms not only of Roman political ideals but also of generic decorum, constituting a recusatio  of tradition-al martial epic in favor of a new, uniquely Ciceronian type of poetry.
Sigle auteur: Volk 2013