The reception of Cicero’s speeches in the early empire

Auteur: Steel, Catherine E. W.
Titre: The reception of Cicero’s speeches in the early empire
Revue/Collection: In : Berno, Francesca Romana & La Bua, Giuseppe [Edd.], Portraying Cicero in Literature, Culture, and Politics. From Ancient to Modern Times, Berlin, De Gruyter, 2022, 483 p. [Berno & La Bua 2022]
Lieu èdition: Berlin
Éditeur: De Gruyter
Annèe edition: 2022
Pages: 233-246
Mots-clès: Héritage - Fortuna - Legacy, Stylistique et genres littéraires - Stilistica e generi letterari - Stylistics and literary genre
Description: Catherine E. W. Steel reads the reception of Cicero’s speeches in Seneca the Elder’s collection, Asconius Pedianus’ historical commentary and Quintilian’s pedagogical handbook as instrumental in determining the diversity of Ciceronian images which cultured readers were familiar with. As demonstrated by the variety of approaches by which students and scholars looked at the Pro Milone, in the early empire there were different ways to be a reader of Cicero’s speeches. Textual Cicero was not only used for didactic purposes. It was open to a plurality of readings reflecting the complexity of Cicero’s figure. [Berno & La Bua 2022, xviii]
Sigle auteur: Steel 2022