The Roman Cultural Revolution

Auteur: Habinek, Thomas & Schiesaro, Alessandro
Titre: The Roman Cultural Revolution
Éditeur: Cambridge University Press
Annèe edition: 2004
Pages: 260
Mots-clès: Histoire - Storia - History
Description: This book places culture centre-stage in the investigation of the transformation of Rome from Republic to Empire. It is the first book to attempt to understand the so-called Roman Revolution as a cultural phenomenon. Instead of regarding cultural changes as dependent on political developments, the essays consider literary, artistic, and political changes as manifestations of a basic transformation of Roman culture. In Part I the international group of contributors discusses the changes in the cultural systems under the topics of authority, gender and sexuality, status and space in the city of Rome, and in Part II through specific texts and artifacts as they refract social, political, and economic changes. The essays draw on the latest methods in literary and cultural work to present a holistic approach to the Augustan Cultural Revolution. Contributors: Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, Thomas Habinek, Florence Dupont, Alessandro Schiesaro, Ellen Oliensis, Eleanor Winsor Leach, Elaine Fantham, Andrew Feldherr, Barbara Kellum, Philip Hardie, W. Martin Bloomer
Sigle auteur: Habinek & Schiesaro 2004