The text of the pseudo-Ciceronian Epistula ad Octavianum

Author: Watt, William Smith
Title: The text of the pseudo-Ciceronian Epistula ad Octavianum
Review/Collection: "Classical Quaterly", NS, 8
Year edition: 1958
Pages: 25-31
Keywords: Authenticité - Autenticità - Authenticity, Philologie - Filologia - Philology
Description: [Abstract] The pseudo-Ciceronian Epistula ad Octavianum enjoys the unmerited distinction of being preserved not only in most of the manuscripts which contain the Ad Atticum letters but also in some of those which contain the second half of the Ad Familiares letters; the former tradition is usually designated Ω, the latter I shall designate X. It was on the Ω tradition that the earliest printed texts were based. In the sixteenth century Cratander (1528) and Turnebus (1565) introduced a number of readings from the X tradition; some of these were incorporated in the vulgate, but the printed editions from that of Lambinus (1565) to that of Purser (1902) still continued to be based mainly on Ω. In 1913, in an article in Eranos, xiii. 136–46, Sjögren set himself to prove that the value of Ω had been overrated in the establishment of the text, and that greater importance should be attached to X than to Ω; and in accordance with this view, in his 1914 Teubner text, Sjögren follows X, as against Ω, about twice as often3 as Purser does. This view of Sjögren's, I believe, will not stand examination, and to disprove it is the purpose of the present article.
Author initials: Watt 1958b