Virtue as “likeness to God” in Plato and Seneca

Author: Russell, Daniel Charles
Title: Virtue as “likeness to God” in Plato and Seneca
Review/Collection: "Journal of the History of Philosophy", 42, 3
Place edition: Baltimore
Editor: Johns Hopkins University Press
Year edition: 2004
Pages: 241-260
Keywords: Philosophie - Filosofia - Philosophy, Sources - Fonti - Sources
Description: [APh] [Comment] In many of his dialogues, Plato claims that our highest good is to be like God. Although this claim seems implausible, we can make greater sense of it if we interpret it through the lens of the Stoic version of likeness to God as found in texts such as Cicero's « De finibus » and Seneca's « Letters to Lucilius ».
Author initials: Russel 2004