Water for Roman brothels : Cicero Cael. 34

Auteur: Bruun, Christer F. M.
Titre: Water for Roman brothels : Cicero Cael. 34
Revue/Collection: "Phoenix", 51, 3-4
Lieu èdition: Toronto
Éditeur: Classical Association of Canada
Annèe edition: 1997
Pages: 364-373
Mots-clès: Histoire - Storia - History, Sources - Fonti - Sources
Description: [L'Année philologique] [Cooment] When Cicero connects the immoral use of water from the Aqua Appia with Clodia, it is yet another implication that she is a prostitute, and may recall a situation similar to that in Caelius' speech of 50 B.C. when as curule aedile he complained that Roman brothels were using water illegally diverted from the aqueducts (Frontinus aq. 76, 1-2).
Liens: https://www.jstor.org/stable/1192544
Sigle auteur: Bruun 1997