Your Writings or Your Life: Cicero’s Philippics and Declamation

Author: Wilson, Marcus
Title: Your Writings or Your Life: Cicero’s Philippics and Declamation
Review/Collection: In : Stevenson,Tom & Wilson, Marcus (Eds.), Cicero's Philippics: History, rhetoric and ideology, Polygraphia, coll. "Prudentia", Auckland, 2008, 374 p.
Year edition: 2008
Pages: 305-334
Keywords: Éloquence - Eloquenza - Eloquence, Politique - Politica - Politics, Rhétorique - Retorica - Rhetorics
Description: The subsequent reputation of the Philippics is the subject of Marcus Wilson’s paper. He notes especially how they influenced perceptions of Cicero’ political stance and authority in declamation and a line of imperial writers, a fact which speaks to their lasting importance for the sensibilities of the Principate. The speeches carried the power to preserve and reinforce fundamental republican values at a time of pressure for their abandonment. We might contemplate not only future emperors but future Roman orators, historians and philosophers listening to the ideas expressed in the Philippics and assimilating their fundamental importance for aristocratic identity and status at Rome. In the end, it seems that the reputation and influence of the Philippics in both political and literary terms after Cicero’ death was very great. [Stevenson & Wilson 2008, 20]
Author initials: Wilson 2008