De Marcello (Pro Marcello)

Title: De Marcello (Pro Marcello)
Work type: Cicero - I - Works

Speech datable between September and October of 46 BC, delivered by Cicero in front of the Senate in order to thank Caesar for granting to Marcus Claudius Marcellus, for years one of his more obstinate opponents on the Pompeian side and a leading figure among the Roman nobility, pardon and, with it, the possibility to return to Rome from voluntary exile at Mytilene, where Marcellus had withdrawn after the defeat of Pompeius and of his army at Pharsalus on 9 August of 48 BC. On several occasions, as some letters of the Ad familiares show (cf. fam. 4,7,3-6; 4,8,2; 4,9; 4,10) Cicero had tried to convince Marcellus to soften his rigid positions regarding his decision to remain in exile. [Fausto Pagnotta; trans. Tom Frazel]

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