Cicero’s doctrine of the great year

Auteur: Coleman-Norton P. R.
Titre: Cicero’s doctrine of the great year
Revue/Collection: "Laval Théologique et Philosophique", III
Annèe edition: 1947
Pages: 293-302
Mots-clès: Philosophie - Filosofia - Philosophy, Sources - Fonti - Sources
Description: Among ancient authors M. Tullius Cicero appears to have the m ost separate references to the Great Year (annus magnus), as this celestial configuration commonly is called. Since mention of this theory is made only in his philosophical treatises, we may suppose not unreasonably that for Cicero this phaenomenon possessed a philosophical significance. But, on the other hand, even a casual scrutiny of Cicero’s philosophical works will show that in these there are not a few topics for which a philosophical connexion can not be claimed. If our inquiry will have supported this supposition, we shall inquire then what this doctrine m eant to Cicero and how effective was Cicero’s employment of this tenet, — a subject not hith erto investigated. [Author].
Sigle auteur: Coleman-Norton 1947